Chapati Plater for Destitute- Amal Mega Project❤

On a global scale, hunger is a scarcity of food in a country. This occurs when the population of a country quite literally does not have enough to eat. And if we talk about individual level, Hunger occurs when a person consumes an insufficient number of calories to sustain them, called malnourishment. Our circle took a step out to cope with hunger, gave an opportunity to those who don’t have enough to eat, to live, grow, reproduce and achieve a healthy lifestyle. We worked with the core idea that a belly is an ungrateful wretch, it never remembers past favors, it always wants more tomorrow.

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“There are people in the world so hungry that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.” — Mahatma Gandhi

What is the progress that your Mega Project Circle has made on the project?

After signalizing the problem our circle members join heads together How to solve the problem? How to feed the destitute? How to make the poor independent? Brainstorming always proves to be useful, we come up with our problem on the basis of RIZQ Organization. An idea behind our project is Food waste utilization to feed the hungry. After that we start working, divide the work among each member, everyone is playing a part of a most valuable team player, we set our time limit to do the work of fundraising, created awareness campaigns of Dried Chapati Leftovers, collecting side raw materials, packaging, distributing, taking feedback.

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What were the challenges that your circle has faced and how have you overcome those challenges?

The most competitive challenge that we have faced is to promote the concept of food loss utilization. When we told someone about our project, they start thinking we are talking about dustbin waste. No no, it’s not that one. Actually, we are working on the daily household leftovers, collecting them with care in proper hygienic conditions, processing them into a value addition platter.

Changing the weird mindset is always impossible, our team makes it possible by applying the practical approach of Amal Principles Amal, Khudi, Ek Aur Ek Gyarah, and Kam Kam Kam. We have made all our efforts to make people understand their food wasting becomes the RIZQ of destitute. In many of the stances, we have changed our approaches to people in a way of motivation, cause engaging someone in a project is the most difficult task.

Have you changed your approach in any way? Are there any significant changes that your group has made since your last blog?

We have changed some tactics of making the process of the recipe, divide tasks to be equally among male and female members. Male members also taking part along with females in recipe making process. Also focused on our target community nutrition that what are their adequate daily requirement intake.

What is the impact that you have generated to date? How many people have you served, or organizations you have collaborated with or customers you have gained, etc.?

When we give food to the poor, they called us Saint. We took the start from feeding the one, and then fed the community of a specific locality. Making them understand it’s a very useful platter to fulfill the nutrition of ones. After making a value addition recipe, we have served Chapati Plater, 10 houses with a people ratio of 5 to 6 in each.

How will your project sustain itself?

We will feed them one more time then give them the recipe of Chapati Plater to support their entrepreneurial startup to cope with their necessities of food, cloth, and shelter.

In the last, I want to thank the Amal Academy for providing us a pathway to think, and to stimulate the country’s economy by lifting the poor up. Amal Mega Project gives us an opportunity to enhance, nourish, and strengthen our mindset towards idealizing a specific solution against a problem. Working with a team, having creative problem-solving skills, overtaking tasks, fulfill responsibilities, and deal smoothly in panic situations helped all of us to become problem designers in our daily life.

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